Have you ever made one of those lame “I’m just touching base” phone calls?

You know where you are calling to “follow up” and you say, “Hi, I’m calling just to touch base and see where we are at…” or something like that.

The Just Touching Base call is really lame.

It’s lame because it’s indirect.

You are a being a wuss when you say this.

When you use such words as your reason for calling, you are doing so because you are afraid to say the real reason why you are calling. You subconsciously hope that by using such indirect language, your message will be less of an intrusion.

This is the wrong attitude to approach sell with.

It is the attitude of a beggar. It is the attitude of someone looking for a handout.

If you have established that what you are selling is of value to the prospect you are talking to, then you are NOT an intrusion. You are NOT an interruption.

Start acting like what you do is important to your prospects.

You stop the Just Touching Base calls for good by ending every sales call with clarity.

When you have clarity at the end of your sales call about what will happen next then you have a clear reason to use when you make your next phone call to your prospect.

For example, “Hi, I am calling to see if you met with your director yet, and made your recommendation of our system to him”.

You simply cannot tolerate mushy, vague answers about what is going to happen next.

Accepting vague direction from your prospects like “We’ll talk about this and get back to you in a couple of weeks” is the reason why sales reps lose deals, and have crummy closing rates in the 10-30% range.

You simply must push back and probe for more specific information about what your prospect is going to do.

And really, you should be finding this stuff out up front, at the beginning of the sale, at the beginning of each sales call (which BTW I talk about in more in depth in my Get Commitments First Sales Training Course).

When you run your deals right, and find out the information that your prospects are reluctant to tell you up-front, at the beginning of each and every deal, you immediately stop wasting time on the deals that will never close for you.

And the biggest reason that “average” sales reps close a half or a third or a tenth of what the top sale reps close, is because they hang onto deals that they shouldn’t be in for far too long.

So put some steel in your spine. Get some backbone, and the next time you “follow up” with a prospect, do so for a real sales reason.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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