We’ve all seen movies about con men and how they sucker innocent their innocent victims into parting with their hard earned buckaroos.

Well such a story has been playing out here near my home town here in Northern California.

Seems we got a couple of young college age men and women working the rural neighborhoods making bogus pitches to seniors and moms who are at home here during the day.

What struck me about this story was the creativity these people use to con someone.

Here’s what one of the duped victim’s said after later realizing she’d been conned by a young woman selling children’s books door-to door…

The girl, who was very talkative, said she was trying to raise dough for a trip to London and that she would return from her trip to share pictures from her scrapbook. The children’s books she was selling would be sent to the Cancer Center at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento.

She told me her mother lived around the corner on Butterfly Drive – the little yellow house on the right, and she told me I would probably recognize her mother as she walked her two golden retrievers past my house all the time."

Later, the victim said that there was no little yellow house on the right and she never remembers any woman who walked golden retrievers by her house.

Amazing what people will do to get something illegally.  I mean imagine what this young woman could accomplish if she put this creative persuasion skill to work in a legitimate business!

Obviously this young woman has figured out the necessity of getting her "mark" emotional, and creating a relationship of trust so that people will hand over a check to a previously unknown stranger in a matter of a few moments.

The comments about her mother living "around the corner" were intentionally designed to gain rapport and build trust. The con-woman is implicitly saying, "See, I am just like you. I am from around here, and I share your values. You can trust me".

In selling we are always working to build relationships with our prospects, to have them get to know us, and to get them to trust us.

So there is something instructive to learn here.

And the lesson is that the more you can think like, act like, and get your prospect to feel that like you and she are alike, the more she will trust you.

Trust is an unconscious process for most people. It happens outside of their conscious awareness, and the result is a feeling that either you like and trust someone, or you don’t.

You however don’t have to let building trust be a random thing.  In my rapport skills courses, I have been showing sales and business people for years now how to rapidly and ethically develop trust by gaining control over the personal actions and behaviors that are unconscious for other sales people. You can find out more about this for yourself here.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus

P.S. I don’t advocate conning people, or being dishonest in your selling. I do believe in using your personal sales and persuasion talents to their fullest, so be sure to check out the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now.