I got a bunch of emails yesterday about my suggestion that you stop being a puss and stop calling to “Just Touch Base”.

Most people told me that they needed the “tough love” I had to deliver.

But some worked hard to defend the “indirect” nature of calling to “Just Touch Base”.

“Hey congrats Shamus, yeah, don’t be a puss.”

“No, you’re wrong Shamus, this is a good way to soften up a sales call.”

Well you’re both right.

What works for you is what matters. It’s a challenge to write sometimes in such a way that I cover *every* possibility in selling.

The time when the just touching base language *can* work is early on in the sales process when the call is essentially a marketing call, and not a sales call.

You may think that they are the same, but they aren’t.

A marketing call is an advertisement.

A sales call is something you do with a qualified prospect.

Commitment is the key distinction between the two.

Once you have *some* commitment, as minimal as that might be, you have *probably* made the transition from marketing to selling. Yep *my* language is vague here cuz it would take a few book chapters to explain all this in sufficient detail.

Hopefully I am making my point though.

When you are courting a prospect through direct advertisement, you are by nature teasing someone into a relationship (just like I am doing with you right here and now with this email).

It may take one, or it may take a many, contacts to build a relationship with your prospect.

It’s OK then when you don’t know someone, and you are just throwing info at them, to try and tease some interest, to call to “Just Touch Base”.

At some point though, that’s gotta change. You can’t use that wussy language with a deal you are actively working, putting effort into, doing proposals for, doing demos for, etc.

You need commitment for those deals.

That’s when you need to stop doing the wussy “Just Touching Base” phone calls.

Efficient selling is all about getting commitments, and controlling the sale process.

Yes, efficiency is boring.

But increasing your “efficiency” in selling means raising yourself from a 10-30% closing rate to a 50-90% closing rate and that is is big-time F$!*%ng exciting!

And that’s exactly what happens when you start qualifying your prospects and controlling the sale in a manner where you get commitments and your prospects respect and appreciate you.

Qualifying is the line that divides marketing and selling.

Learn to draw that line with distinction, and you can triple your sales.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Control is not a dirty word. In fact your prospects actually want you to dominate them (as long as you are benevolent in your dictatorship). Discover how to be a benevolent dictator-partner with the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now.