Just because you are a sales professional, doesn’t mean you have the right to sell.

Your position, your job is not enough.

The right to sell has to be earned from each prospect.

Too many eager sales people don’t know this simple rule.

Some sales people get lucky. They get lucky with their first sales job and they start out selling a hot product in a hot market.

When you sell a hot product in a hot market, there is very little selling you need to do.

The man who sells a hot product usually need do little more than show up.

Thing is though that hot products and hot markets eventually cool off.

Most products and things that people sell take some effort on our part.

And so you can’t just show up, say “I’m here, and here’s my stuff” and expect people to buy it.

I know this may sound simplistic to you, but I gotta remind you – even myself from time to time – not to forget the basics.

You earn the right to sell by uncovering your prospect’s buying motive.

In other words…

No Buying Motive = No Right to Sell

Soooo many people skip this.

They jump right into why they are good, why they are great, what “benefits” you’ll get when you buy their stuff, bla-blah, blah-bla, bla-blah!

None of that matters if there is no buying motive.

When you do discover the buying motive, selling is mucho easier IF you use it right.

You see I can bet that you know a lot of benefits that your prospects can get if they purchase your stuff. Probably a dozen or more bene’s – right?

Usually though only one or two of them drive a sale. That is, only one or two of them matter to each individual prospect.

So when you know their buying motive, you can stop throwing all the other stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Instead you can focus your sales energy like a laser beam on their buying motive and show them how they will get just what they want in spades by doing business with you.

Your prospects will gladly let you sell to them when they believe you are going to help them with a problem that is important to them.

The right to sell is easy to earn if you will just ask the right questions.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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