A prospect who knows what he wants can be a dangerous thing.

The best prospects are not the ones who know what they want.

The best prospects are those who haven’t yet figured out what they want.

Or maybe even better than that are the prospects that either aren’t aware that they have a problem yet or think that that there is no solution to a problem that they do have.

Prospects who do know what they want are dangerous because they think that they don’t need your help.

They want to boss you around.

Tell you what you gotta do to get their business.

They do this because most people believe that sales people are out to screw them.

This is the unfortunate truth about how we as sales people are perceived. And this is true in countries around the world.

You help people by finding and showing your prospects how to solve their problems.

Know-it-all prospects can be annoying if you don’t know what to do.

They’ll start running you through the sales-vendor-ringer…

Tell me why you are so great.

Show us how you can do these 17 things that I’ve seen your competition do.

You have to give us your best price, or we won’t do business with you.

All this happens when you let the game be played by the prospect’s rules.

Instead what you have to do, is get control of the sale from the start.

Even with – no especially with – a know-it-all prospect who has already done his homework.

With every prospect you gotta start at the beginning and find out what the driving problem and issues are that will drive the sale, and will cause the prospect to make a purchase decision with *someone*.

Once you find that out, you can determine whether they are likely to buy from you or your competition, and whether or not you can influence them to buy from you.

If you don’t start from the beginning, and instead you let them lead the sale, you’ll find yourself chasing a bunch of features and requirements that they learned from your competition and you’ll probably lose.

So take control from the start and get to the core reason of the sale fast by probing for the driving problems and intensifying prospect’s emotions.

Do this and you’ll automatically find yourself closing 2x-3x more prospects than you did before.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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