A scientist is predicting that human beings in America will be able to marry robots by the year 2050.

Yeah, this story is for real.

The scientist is predicting that the first marriages between humans and robots will take place in Massachusetts because of its liberal values (I think they have surpassed my home state of KaliForNeeya in stupid social laws).

Seems the technology for seks with robots is pretty much here already (ummm,  imagine the "adult" toys now available, just with more moving parts and accessories).

What’s really whacked though is this idea that people might actually marry robots.

The scientist believes this because the advances in artificial technology are getting to the point where they can program the robots to respond to people. Respond so that people will fall in love with robots.

Add in some good audio, and presto, you got a marriage made in a laboratory.

I know this is crazy, but it’s true.

The reason why some poor souls will "fall in love" with a robot is that it is anticipated that that the robots can be programmed to mimic similarities in personality and knowledge with the humans they interact with.


Now if scientists figure they can study some basic psychology about people, and program them to be attractive enough that a human will fall in love with them, what about you?

Do you think that you can program yourself to get more people to like you?

The rules of how to do this are known.

All you got to do is discover how to do it, and then DO IT.

Every person you meet can be instantly read, and you can respond in such a way that they think you are like them, causing them to like you.

And being human, you CAN do this much better than any robot every will.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown