One of the most frustrating and difficult tasks for sales reps is finding fresh prospects.

I’ve talked before about qualifying and sorting.

Effective qualifying and sorting is one of the most important tasks that a sales professional must do.

He must do this because so much of marketing doesn’t bring in well qualified leads.

So the salesman has to do his own marketing himself much of the time. He must do his own work to find and attract the prospects that are a good fit for his company’s business.

Marketing is about attracting the prospects who are able and interested in buying.

Selling is about qualifying and closing those prospects.

The better job done on marketing, the higher the close rate the salesman will have.

And when you are doing both yourself – attracting the prospects and qualifying and closing them – you have to be able to shift mind frames. You have to shift from attracting as many prospects as possible as a marketer, to shutting out and selling to only the best prospects as a salesman.

Unfortunately marketing hasn’t been doing its job.

Marketing has either been weakly bringing in low quality leads that rarely buy, or there has been no marketing at all (not including what the sales people do on their own).

This is one big reason why business is in trouble these days.

During the fat, debt-bubble-induced go-go days, prospects were flooding in the doors of many businesses. And in many industries, sales reps just had to go out and take orders to get the business.

But now that the credit has all but dried up, some real sales and marketing has got to start happening

Frankly it doesn’t matter if you are a natural at this game, if you are the “best” salesman or not.

If you get well-qualified deals into your pipeline and flush out the crap that is better suited to your competition, your long on your way to closing more deals and spending some beer time on the golf course.

One of my customers just sent me this email to share his thoughts on this…

Many thanks Shamus you have helped big-time to make me understand that I am not the best salesman in the world, there was a time I thought I was, and that I could sell ice to the Eskimos, now with your help you have made me realize I’m just not that fantastic a salesman. So now understanding your system, I pre qualify heavy, set the deal up way up front and then deliver the solutions to all their problems.

I’m selling at well over 80 % because you made me realize I’m not that good a salesman. To all you great salesman out there on 20% pick your battles save your greatness for the good fights and invest a small amount of money with my mate shamus and maybe you’ll see me on the golf course while we are in deep financial recession.

-Phil Masters

I don’t know about you, but I like working on my golf game a heck of a lot better than being in the office.

Isn’t it time you started closing 70-90% of your sales?

Leave the excuses to the other guys. Take charge now and discover how my Persuasive Selling Skills can give you a 70-90% close rate right.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown