I knew a guy awhile back who used to sell high-end cookware at home shows.

A good salesman he was.

But he couldn’t really use the selling skills that I teach.

I was OK with that.

You see he couldn’t use my stuff because his sale *was* all about the pitch. He stood up in front of audiences that would assemble on a time schedule with no "getting to know you" first on his part, and he would go into a pitch, and then some of the prospects would whip out a few bux and get some cookware.

I see many sales people today who are really focused on perfecting their pitch.

It’s exciting, its fun, it can be a real rush.

But the simple truth is that most sales people are not selling at the home show, or the carnival, or on "the stage" at all.

Most sales people today have some kind of interactive sale.  And as a result, perfecting your pitch is not the place where you will get your biggest payback.


The place you will get your biggest return on your effort is the front end of the sale. The time you spend getting to know your prospect intimately is where the real persuasion occurs.

It occurs there, because the front-end is where you get the chance to see the map to making the sale. And when you have the map, you don’t have to wander around talking about all kinds of different things hoping that one of them is "the right one" to talk about. Instead you get to go straight to your destination.

So if your focus is on bettering your presentations, then you are probably looking in the wrong place. Don’t spend your time there until you’ve mastered the front-end.

Get your closing rate to 70% or better first and then you can start playing around with the exciting tools of better stage presentations.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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