Most people like to think of themselves as positive people.

Positive, optimistic, hopeful people.

Hope reigns supreme, or so the saying goes.

Hope even elected the President of the United States this last year.

But as hopeful as people are…

As positive, and as optimistic as people are…

Most people in the world harbor one big contradiction.

And that is that the vast majority of all people are more driven, more motivated, more “motivatable” by their pains, their problems, and their fears than anything else.

When we say we are positive, we probably also would like to think that we are opportunity driven.

Not true.

Some 70% or more of the population is more motivated to save, to prevent, to eliminate, to alleviate, to fix, or to stop something than anything else.

Which is why now is a good time to be in sales.

IF you are good at selling that is.

You the past few years were the easy time to be in sales. Things were expanding, and there was lots of opportunity for everyone.

It didn’t take a genius to make money.

Often it only took “showing up” to be successful.

Nowadays the excess is contracting and the easy money is gone.

And a lot of people are experiencing “pain”.

Which is good news for you.

Good news because if you can sell a solution to people’s pain, a REAL solution that will solve their problems, you can get these people off of the dime and get them to buy.

All it takes is getting them emotional. Getting them to feel their pain.

You see, no one likes pain (no one that is except the sick and twisted).

And no matter what problems people have, or are afraid of having happen to them, people will do whatever they can to not think about them. They will do whatever they can to avoid feeling pain.

There lies your opportunity.

All decisions are ultimately emotional.

Rationalized with logic, yes. But ultimately emotional.

When you get people do something they don’t want to do, to feel their pain – something they spend a lot of time avoiding – they’ll want to do almost ANYTHING to stop it.

The more you can get your prospects to focus on, experience, and feel their pain, RIGHT now, the more likely they will be to buy, to buy from you, and the faster they will do it.

You can get people to feel their pain in an instant.

It’s easy, but in all likelihood you are not doing it now because it goes against your nature too.

It’s time to deprogram the “nice-guy” selling approach, and start getting people primed and fired up to eliminate their problems by buying things from you right now using what I show you in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown