I know that sales are off everywhere. Lots of businesses and lots of sales people are suffering right now.

Suffering is a choice though. You may not think so, which is part of the reason why people suffer.

But it is a choice.

A choice people make when then think that they have no other options and that they are the whim of life’s circumstances.

One of my customers, Phil Masters from England, rejected the notion of being helpless as his lead flow hit an all-time low. Here’s his story and what he did about it…

Hi Shamus, our lead generation hit an all time low over January and February, I’ve smoked cig after cig tried hitting my head on the wall, tried drinking to excess nothing worked, we just kept hearing the same old excuses, maybe later, not now we are worried about what’s going on in the world. Call us back in a few months we will see if things are better then. Of course sir three bags full sir.

Our game plan wasn’t working, what we had been doing for the last 15 years (being nice) didn’t work, I was scared, I visited the toilet more times than ever before, was it all over, the results indicated it was, then it hit me like a bolt from the dark side, or maybe it was the Shamus side!

We tried it and it worked our lead generation is at an all time high. So what did we change?

We got personal. In fact we got damn right rude with prospect (in a nice way) or put another way we got very Honest and told our would be clients the obvious truth about their situation, I thought they might respond with F*** YOU and a few kicks and punches, but to the contrary they responded with utter truth. I can hear you saying customers being honest, yes that’s what I said and in the first seconds of contact.

Now we hear day after day ‘You are right. It is bad. Can we have a quote?’ I must admit I was thinking the same thing you was ‘Can I have a quote?’

When you are totally honest you hold the power and it is hard for someone to lie to you, when we do the smarmy sales person approach they lie – they are programmed to lie.

We do home improvements. We told them that their drives to their home looked shit and that they was probably the worst property in the road, we told them that their home looked derelict and was in need of attention NOW not later.

All we done in fact was to shake them out of the coma that had set into them while watching the neg box night after

Sales brothers and sisters the money is out their, will you be the one to pick it up? I hope that’s a YES, but you are going to have to shake it out of them with furious fire in this period. make their problem very, very personal to them, be so honest with them that it blows them out their TV induced credit crunch slipper and you will see incredible results, You may be thinking what an idiot, the man’s a halfwit but I’m a halfwit with more leads than you!

GET PERSONAL – GET RUDE – STOP BEING LIKE A PREFORMING DOG – BITE BACK – Once you’re in, you can be nice if you want!

-Phil Masters, England

You are NOT at the whim of the economy.

Snap out of it now.

Start telling people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. Brutal honesty will create opportunities that didn’t exist before for you fast.

If you sales suck. It’s your fault.

Do something about it now. Get my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, and discover how to get your prospects off the dime by getting in their face and giving them the brutal truth NOW.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown