One of my customers, Chris West from Melbourne, Australia wrote to tell me why me, Shameless Shamus, is a success.

I found Chris’ email an insightful message about sales success, so I am sharing it with you here…

4 Reasons Why Shameless Shamus is a Success:

1. You send your newsletter at almost the same time every day. Regular as clockwork. Great work ethic. You do the important jobs that make you money. You’re not afraid to do the work.

2. You tell it how you see it. And you look to see it first. Not every body has an opinion of their own (many just follow the crowd), but you do. And that earns you respect from your readers because you provide a fresh view.

3. You give something in return for something else. You provide a win-win situation in every exchange. I give you my time to read your newsletter, you give me something valuable to read every day. Solid.

4. Sales is a part of who you are. Not cheesy “closer” sales, but professional, independent, thoughtful, considerate and honest sales. The kind of guy who you’d invite over for a beer after work because you trust and like the company. (and then find yourself buying a house or something! haha).

Mate, I’ve got your training program and it’s top shelf in my library. Using your negotiation skills I’ve been able to negotiate my own wages in a job I love, working with my best mate and we’ve literally turned his business into a success in a matter of months (his business was about 6 months away from bankruptcy when I joined him).

I blitz the monthly sales targets almost by my self and I’m training my sales staff (and my boss!) how to do the same using your techniques. They truly are effective.

-Chris West

There are some great nuggets here. Make use of them.

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Here’s the Top Shelf Sales Training Program that Chris used turn his business around and away from bankruptcy.