I just got back from a quick little family vacation. My wife and daughter and I took a few days away from all the snow we’re getting here in California to go down and enjoy a few sunny days in Disneyland.

Yes it does snow where I live here in mountains of Northern California and no I don’t care if some think my tastes in vacationing are dull. I happen to enjoy my family vacations to Disneyland very much.

One moment on our trip really jumps out as showing how "most people" in the world think.

I was riding a shuttle bus to my hotel with my family, and the buffet molester we had for a driver started giving us the "food tour". She was telling us about every chain restaurant in the area we passed as we rode the few short blocks to our hotel.

The kicker was when she started to tell us which ones were cheaper and where we could scrounge up a coupon to save a dollar or two on a meal.

And boy was she proud of this advice. She said that she wanted to be sure that we knew how to save a few dollarooneys because that was important to her and she figured that was important to us as well.

Do you ever do that with your prospects?

Do you try to save them a buck, or two, or a whole lot more?

What the hell are you doing?

Your job is not to pass on your "thriftiness" to your prospects.

Your job is to sell them the "best" product for their needs, wants and abilities.

You don’t do that by thinking about what’s important to you.

If you undersell your prospects because you either think that your top line stuff costs too many duckets or that they wouldn’t want to go for something that high, then you probably ought to be fired right now.

Cause you aren’t helping your company at all, and you aren’t helping your prospect either. The only way you can truly help your prospect is to sell them on the best product for them, and help them find a way to get the bux required to get it from you.

Just because you might think this way, or just because maybe you think that everyone else thinks "saving some bux" is important doesn’t mean that it’s true, and doesn’t mean it’s the right, or smartest, thing to do.
So I don’t want to hear about the best trick to save a couple of bux on a chain restaurant burger. I want to know where to get a nice, grass-fed New York steak.

But hey, I will cut the lady some slack, she wasn’t actually selling to me. She was just informing me, broadcasting her opinion to me and others inside her little shuttle bus world.

And that is the difference for you.

You aren’t out there "broadcasting" to your prospects.

At least you shouldn’t be.

As a sales pro your responsibility is to find out what your prospects want *before* you show them something that you are selling.

And you better be doing more than just asking open-ended questions, cause they aint enough.

What you should be doing is running through the four-question pattern that I teach in my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. Get it here now.

Sell with Pride

Shameless Shamus Brown