Are you a flexible sales person?

Well here’s a reality check for you.

In this past Wednesday’s newsletter I printed a profanity (oh my) that one of my readers used in his selling.

How you reacted to that single word in print says a lot about how flexible you are.

Some people laughed.

Some people didn’t care.

Some people thought I was unprofessional.

Some people got mad.

If you got mad, thought I was unprofessional, and insist there’s no way you could ever use an insult or profanity to gain rapport with someone, then you are the one who’s going to come up short in sales.

If you laughed or thought this was no big deal, then maybe you "get it".

Now I am not suggesting that you go around insulting and trash talking *everyone*.

There are times however when you can get deeper rapport by stepping into someone else’s reality.

That reality may be trash talking.

Or that reality might be talking fast, acting a little crazy, or dressing a bit slovenly because that is the reality of your prospect.

Now you may not want to go there, but set that limitation on yourself and you’re the one who sells less.

My friend Jim Whelan, who is a master ad salesman, just wrote over on his blog about how he closed a sale using the f-word and told the general manager of a posh county club that what he as saying was a bunch of bull. The prospect roared in laughter, it broke down his resistance, and Jim had a new customer shortly thereafter.

I’ve gained rapport with other men this way, both in selling and non-selling situations. I don’t do this all the time with everyone, but it is a bonding mechanism with some people in some circumstances.

The point is to get the deepest rapport with the widest variety of people, people you normally would NOT get rapport with because you’re too different, you got a have a lot flexibility (and a deep bag of tricks to dig into).

Now I don’t really care if you get my stuff or not.

You can stay inflexible if you choose.

Or you can join the thousands of sales people who have learned the Shameless way and get my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program with the 1-1 Rapport Skills Video DVD.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus