Sometimes insulting your prospect can lead to more sales.

Maybe this sounds strange to you (or maybe not).

But always being polite and well-mannered isn’t always the best thing to-do.

Being insulting puts you out there on the edge.

It makes you stand out, shows that you different.

It can say that you  are not afraid to be a real human being.

If you do it right.

Reader Jimmy Compton emailed me the other day and said…

We used to keep a poll of how many times I could call a customer "mutherfucker".  The most offensive word I can think of.  13 times during the sales presentation and 4 more times after he committed and bought.

Now you just may be thinking what a crass SOB Jimmy is right about now.

But what may surprise you is that Jimmy is selling high-end Audis.
He’s not some greasy suit selling beaters on the bad side of town

He’s selling to well-heeled customers in an upscale area.

The novice selling to such people would think that he’s gotta be real nice, real professional.

But Jimmy’s figured out that people want you to be real, to be fun, to be funny.

Its one of the more unusual ways to create conversations and get into rapport with your prospects.

I talk about this and 9 other ways in the video portion of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, which you can pick up here (be sure to look for the video DVD on the checkout page) .

Now insults don’t work for everyone every time. In fact this can even backfire if done wrong.

But by being more fun and more flexible in your style you are going to connect with more people and that will give you more chances to both understand what your prospect’s true needs are and to get your message across to them.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus