Weak sales people get rolled.

Confident sales people win where others lose, hold off discounting, and close larger orders.

Christos Zafiropoulos of B2B Computer Products in Addison Illinois is a confident salesman.

He wrote me a couple of days ago to share a story about a deal he won earlier this month…

The controller sent my deal to a competitor and they beat my pricing. I told the IT Manager that he would be jeopardizing our relationship if he did not order from me and that I would drop him as a customer if he didn’t purchase from me.

I said I deserve the big order since I’m the one who is there for him throughout the year doing legwork for small orders and if I don’t get the big ones too then we are done.

He placed the order through me!

Awesome story Christos!

Waaayyyy too many sales people would just roll over and drop their price to save the deal.

A good salesman is worth more than just the prices he can deliver though. A good salesman brings his brain to the game, helps solve customer problems, and helps to find new ways to make the customer’s business better.

You gotta stand up for yourself when you sell.

You gotta value yourself, your company, and your skill as a salesman first.

If you do, your customers will.

If you don’t, no one will.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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