The critics hated this ad.

But come this past Monday, they had 10,000+ new sales leads from it.

SalesGenie ran one of the cheesier ads during this past weekend’s Super Bowl.

They paid 2.6 million bucks for it.

And it was targeted right at you the Salesman.

Check it out here now if you missed it…

Click the Play button to watch this 29 second video

Now 2.6 million dollars is a buttload of money to be spending on a single ad. Tis more than Shameless Shamus spends on his here advertising.

Yes the ad is a bit cheesy.

But the ad does a couple of things right.

  1. It targets a specific customer profile type: middle-aged white guys who like sports cars, golf, and blondes (not P.C. but an accurate profile of a large demographic swath of sales people).
  2. It has a specific call to action to get the prospect to do something: go to their website to get 100 free sales "leads".

I read over on the Entrepreneur Magazine website that some advertising agency guy commented that the SaleGenie ad "Was a total fish out of  water… It just didn’t fit the environment."

We’ll that misses the point entirely. InfoUSA’s CEO Vin Gupta (the parent company of SalesGenie) knew ahead of time what he was doing. He saw it as a cost-effective way to reach a potential market of 30 million salespeople and business owners.

The key difference in this ad is not that it’s dull to the average non-salesman or woman watching.

The big difference is that this ad tried to make some sales.

Most ads, and in particular most Super Bowl ads, try to entertain.

That is the industry norm.

And if SalesGenie had focused on entertaining without also trying to sell, they would have just flushed $2.6M away this past Sunday.

The lesson here is that to be successful, you often have to ignore your peers. You have to ignore what everyone else is doing, you have to ignore what everyone else is saying.

Conventional thinking leads to mediocrity.

Do what everyone else does, and you’ll get the same kind of results as everyone else.

If you are always focused most on being "professional" or being "polite" and never offending anyone, you’ll have the approval of your peers, and their mediocre sales results to show for it.

I am not suggesting that one always needs to be obnoxious (though there is a time and place for that). I am suggesting that you need to look outside of your industry and away from your peers to find successful strategies sometimes.

SalesGenie didn’t look to other Super Bowl ads for a path to success. They looked to the principles of direct response marketing (which is all about selling directly from an ad).

And by my guess, they probably will turn a healthy profit on their $2.6M investment.

Oh and about those "leads" that SalesGenie sells…

Well they aren’t truly leads. They are contacts. Data.

To turn them into leads you need good sales qualifying skills. I highly suggest that you learn the strategic customer profiling and persuasive questioning techniques that I teach in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program to most effectively turn your sales contact "data" into real sales leads.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus