Stories are one of the oldest and most effective of all sales techniques.

Here’s a hilarious video clip from Chris Farley’s Tommy Boy that shows a simplistic, but great use of storytelling to dramatize the negative consequences of buying from the competition.

In case you never saw this flick, here’s the setup: Chris Farley is a doofus named Tommy who inherited a brake pad factory when his father passed away. David Spade is his buddy Richard who is helping him make sales calls to try and sell their brake pads to keep his evil step-mother from closing the factory to liquidate it for the stock value.

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You Have to Get Prospects Emotional to Sell

Chris Farley really is a great haphazard salesman.

He intuitively understands the power of selling the consequences and he uses great story dramatization techniques, even while he is a bumbling idiot and get’s thrown out of the prospect’s office.

Notice how he translates his buddy’s David Spade’s tech-speak into layman’s language, which is usually what managers, directors, and executives best understand (unless they are techies themselves).

I mean, you just gotta love his demonstration of his brake pads versus the "other guy’s" brake pads. Use our brake pads and la-le-la, you save yourself from an accident. Use the other guys brake pads, and you’ll end up driving off a cliff die a screaming fiery death!

Now of course I know that the example here is a bit extreme – hey it’s a movie.

But the consequences Tommy Boy demos with his story sells the brake pads better than David Spade’s tech speak.

And that is what you have to do, when you sell – get people emotional about the consequences of either inaction or of buying from your competition.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus