Selling should be effortless.

But it’s not for most people.

Which is why our jobs as salesmen exist.

Because if selling were really easy, we wouldn’t get paid well to do it  ?

Some sales are effortless though.

The effortless ones are the deals where the prospect seemingly or literally closes themselves.

What does this look like?

It’s when a prospect says to you "I gotta have that", or "How can I get that right now?", or something along those lines.

Prospects only do this when one condition exists.

They do this when they believe that they have seen something from you that is exactly what they want.

This is a triggerable condition.

The way most salesmen sell unfortunately doesn’t do a very good job of triggering this.

Most salesmen are throwing out all kinds of information, data, ideas, trying to find the one that will trigger the prospects desire.

And the bigger the company, the worse this gets (usually). Cause big companies have these marketing departments that give their field sales people all kinds of data, and information, and collateral to "help" the sale people sell.

Most of this either goes unused or it get’s thrown at prospects in hopes that the prospect will find something to get excited about.

So to get your prospect to close himself, to say "I want that right now", or "I want you to help me convince my director to purchase this", you only have to do one thing.

Ask them what they want.

Simplistic yes.

Probably too much so.

Cause you don’t actually just ask them "Hey, what do you want?" (although there are times when even that *is* the right thing to do).

What you do is you get your prospects to talk about their business and personal problems, pains and wants. You dig down deep on this, and get them to experience their feelings and frustrations.

And then you discuss with them just how your product will help them get what they want, feeding back to them their words that describe their feelings, frustrations and desires.

Do that, and you’ll have your prospects closing you.

Sell with Pride

Shameless Shamus Brown