Some people think selling’s easy. You just talk to people, and they purchase stuff from you.

Easy right?

Well, it aint generally that easy.

Take the average sales newbie.

He gets a job in sales, and *maybe* he gets a little help from his boss to start out, but often he doesn’t.

So he gets himself going and starts contacting prospects.

"How hard can this be? All I gotta do is talk to people, and some of them will want to get something from me…" he thinks.

Then he starts talking to people, and he discovers that the people who he thought were his prospects, have all kinds of different priorities. They got all kinds of problems and excuses as to why they don’t need what he is selling.

Nope, sales aint as easy as just talking to people and they buy.

If it was, then we wouldn’t get paid the big buckaroos to do this ?

Sales done right is matter of getting inside your prospect’s head and heart, finding what makes him tick and wrapping your product in words that excite him and eliminate his fears and anxieties.

This is a simple concept.

But it isn’t always easy, if only because it goes against what you are conditioned NOT to do.

Most people grow up learning NOT to get "too personal" with strangers.

This unconscious rule that you probably have is one of the biggest governors on your selling ability.

When you strive to stay "professional", you are holding a barrier between you and your prospect. Your prospect naturally keeps his personal thoughts and feeling to himself, unless you get him to open up.

You see all decisions are rooted in emotion. And the moment that someone makes a decision to go with you, or go with your competitor, is triggered by an emotion that they perceive they can achieve (or avoid) if they get your product.

So you gotta learn how to break this rule if you are going to sell more.

You gotta learn how to get personal, get inside, and get your prospect emotional.

Sales aint just about talking to people.

It’s about helping people get the feelings that they most want. Show someone how to get the feelings they want through your product, and they will close themselves for you.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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