How do you create value while selling?

Interesting question, eh?

It’s probably something you’ve thought about before.

I know I have.

But while a worthy question, the answer may have eluded you.

Value in selling can be defined in two ways. Value is when the prospect sees worth in what you are proposing. And value is also when your prospect gains from the act of you selling to him.

To know how to create value then, we must back up a bit.

In order for the prospect to see worth in what you are proposing, they must first be aware that they have a problem that they need help with.

A prospect aware of his problem (or opportunity) can be sold to.

A prospect with no problem or one that he is unaware of cannot be sold to.

Oh you can try. But a prospect who doesn’ believe he has a problem, also believes he has no need for what you are selling.

Now in the real world, most prospects fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

Often, prospects are somewhat aware of their problems, but they don’t always know how to go about solving them.

Or they don’t realize the full consequences of not solving their problems, so they have yet to elevate such problems to the level that justifies their taking action to solve them now.

And herein lies the challenge for us as sales people.

It’s really easy to jump in and want to start immediately showing them how to solve their problem.

I mean the prospect says I have this problem, I need a product like yours to help me solve it. And it’s really easy for you to say "Sure, let me tell you all about it. Let me show you what I have to sell you."

And then feature show begins.

You show them what your product can do.

You tell them all about your company.

And then they thank you for your time and tell you they need to think about.

And unfortunately for you, they DO need to think about it.


Because their understanding of their problems, their needs, and their wants hasn’t been developed enough.

What happens with most prospects is that they use the process of investigating possible products as their ad-hoc way of clarifying their needs.

And this can be a big waste of your time if you play the game by the rules of the prospect.

The better way to do this is to back the prospect up a bit before you present your products to them.

Use questions to dig in and understand their problem. Understand what caused them to get their in the first place. Understand what the consequences of not solving their problem are. Understand the value to the prospect of solving the problem.

When you do this, the prospect can much better see the value of what you are selling.

When you do this right, you fast-track the prospect through the process that they would bumble through themselves by going and evaluating multiple potential product solutions.

And in doing this, you create value by the act of selling to them because you help them understand what they need, why they need it, and why they might need it now.

This value then becomes power for you. Power you can use to close more sales because you will have moved from mere sales person to valued partner when you create this kind of value while selling.

To juice yourself up with this kind of sales power you need to own my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. In it I show you exactly how to create value while selling with your prospects.

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