I don’t really like Barry Bonds.

But I do admire Barry Bonds.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Barry just broke Hank Aaron’s all time home run record on Tuesday night.

Barry’s accomplishment is huge.

Some people can’t and will never get past the accusations that Barry used steroids to pump his performance up.

I don’t know if he did or he didn’t. Barry denies it, but there’s a lot of reason to think that he probably is a roid boy.

What’s impressive to me is how Barry used his mind.

To break a record like 755 career home runs, you got to set your mind to it.

And look at the flak the guy has been taking the past few years. He has had fans, players, even congressmen accusing him of cheating his way into the record books.  And on top of that, he has a reputation of being not that likable of a guy.

In spite of all of this negativity from people coming his way, he persisted and broke the home run record Tuesday night.

To do that, he had to focus his mind.

He had to focus his mind every day, and shut out all of the hatred, all of the envy, all of the negativity being thrown at him.

He had to focus on just doing what he does best – hit home runs.

One of the problems for sales people and sports stars alike is that we both are "people persons".  Meaning that we both like interacting and getting the approval of other people.

Being a people person is generally an enjoyable way to go through life, but you’ve gotta have a core set of principles that ground you to be successful. 

If you are easily swayed by what each and every person thinks of you, then you will be constantly changing your opinions, your attitudes, and beliefs to gain popularity and be liked.

Barry didn’t seem to care that much if he is liked.

He did care if he accomplished something.

And on Tuesday night he nailed the biggest accomplishment of his career.

He may not have done it in a fair way. If he took the roids to get there, then that is a decision he’ll have to live with the rest of his life.

But he did set a goal, make a plan, and achieved his goal in the face of a lot of flak.

For that I admire Barry Bonds.

Even if I don’t really like him.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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