People are nearly done with New Year’s resolutions.

Thankfully that time where the masses set New Year’s Resolutions is already passing on to the time where the masses begin to give up on them.

I say thankfully, not because I wish failure on anyone. I say thankfully because I really get sick of the New Year’s Resolution hype that comes up in the media at the beginning of every year.

Resolutions just don’t work very well.

Ever wonder why?

I mean every year, tons of sales people say they are going to make more money this year.

And every year tons of sales people get new organizers, PDAs, cell phones and iPods that they say are going to help them get more organized and help them make more money this year.

And yet every year by February tons of sales people are back to their old habits, shooting from the hip on sales calls, taking whatever leads come in, and neglecting their prospecting work. 

These sales people seem so dedicated when they start, yet it appears that they give in to inertia, so easily.


The answer is inside the mind.

The simple process of writing down or saying a resolution once or twice at the beginning of January is not enough to overcome the beliefs and attitudes inside your head.

Because inside of your head there’s this little voice. You know the voice. It’s the one that you talk to yourself with.

And this little voice is your personal subversion agent.

This little voice starts saying all the things that you secretly believe that will sabotage your efforts to improve.

The voice starts saying things like

"I won’t reach anyone by phone today, so what’s the use?"


"The CEO won’t want to talk to me. I am just a salesman. I don’t have anything to say that he wants to talk about."


"There aren’t enough good leads in my territory. This is going to be a hard year."

And when your nasty little subversion agent gets started, it’s hard to make it stop.

First the voice talks, and then your mind starts making pictures.

And that’s when its over.

Because you see whatever you create first and consistently in your mind, you will eventually create for yourself in the outer world.

And this is why resolutions fail.

Resolutions fail because people’s internal programming keeps hammering away at their psyche versus the one-time proclamations people make as resolutions out loud every year.

Fortunately the solution to this problem is pretty simple (but not necessarily easy).

You have to out-program your own programming.

When you hear the voice, you gotta scramble it. You gotta change what it says, you got make different pictures.

You can help this process along greatly by carrying around a written specific goal, and reading it multiple times a day, imagining your success and  what it will take to get there.

And you can also help counter your personal subversion agent by taking your big goal and breaking it down into small daily goals, which I talked about the other day (and you can read again here if you missed it Better Than New Year’s Resolutions).

These small daily goals are important because your mind finds them more believable. And when you believe you can do something, then your personal subversion agent changes into your personal coach, moving you faster and faster towards your goals.

 Get the right beliefs into your psyche this year. If you haven’t done so already get yourself a copy of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. Tons of sales people have already picked it up just in this first week of January.

In it you’ll find a brainful of key beliefs about selling to reprogram your psyche with. One or two of these may be just the mind shift you need to make this a big year for you.