I get a real kick out of reading my email sometimes.

My biggest laugh usually comes from messages that the few dissatisfied readers send upon unsubscribing from my newsletter.

Typically I get a message like "I didn’t learn anything new here".

Well I do have "news" for such people.

The person who is always looking for something new will never be a big success.


Being successful in sales, business, or life requires a focus on the basics.

Yes, mastery in any endeavor requires focused repetition on fundamental basic skills.

Yes, learning new things is good, and necessary. I too like learning new stuff.

But mastering the basics makes up 90% of your success.

So when I read such emails, I get a laugh, but I also get a little sad.

I laugh because I know the joke is on them.

But I get sad because… the joke IS on them.

People who are constantly focused on newness will have a difficult time sticking with one thing long enough to master it.

So if you’ve strayed from the basics in sales, get back to them.

Part of my mission is to keep you focused on that.