Many sales people hold the mistaken belief that sales people are annoying.

Now it is true that most of the world thinks this way about us.

And it may even be true that many sales people are annoying.

But if *you* hold the belief that sales people are annoying, then you are holding back your own sales potential.

Just because "other" sales people are viewed as annoying, doesn’t mean you are, or have to be.

Sales people who sell badly talk a lot.

They start talking right away, and they try to talk as much as possible.

Sales people that sell badly don’t know what their prospects want.

They don’t ask, or they ask too little too late, and they don’t listen well.

Prospects who get "sold to" by such sales people feel mis-understood.

They feel pitched to instead of helped.

And they feel pressured.

Multiply this by the fact that *anyone* can get into and try sales as a profession without knowing what they are doing, and the result is a world universally disgusted with what we do.

Which is too bad.

Because good selling creates value.

Good selling actually helps your prospects and customers even if they do not purchase anything from you.

Good selling creates value by helping your prospect understand how to solve a problem, or how to do something in a new and better way.

When you talk to a prospect, and ask them why they are in the market for something new, and what problems, what chain of events, what frustrations, motivated them to start looking, and what things are important to them now in their decision, you get them to focus.

Focus, think and feel.

About what’s really important to them.

And this is something that most people don’t do on their own well.

Most people are walking around in a trance, thinking about the millyun things they got on their to-do list while they down another Starbucks latte.

When you get people to stop, focus, think and feel, you’ve done something to help them.

Because doing this can knock them out of their trance just long enough to take some action towards solving a problem, towards improving their business or their life.

Good selling helps people.

Good selling creates value.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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