Time for an attitude check.

How do you see yourself performing this year?

Are you going to have a great year, are you confident of it?

Or are you just hoping to get through this and hold on to what you have?

Confidence is a wicked thing. When you have it, it propels you forward makes your life and work fun and exciting.

But when you don’t have it, when you are scared, confused, or just have generally crappy expectations, then going to work sucks.

I was reading one of my Sunday papers yesterday ’bout the trials and tribulations that poor Senator Clinton is having these days.

Seems she is starting realize that she may not become President after all.

The article talked a lot about things she has said to various friends and confidants in recent days, and she is no longer using phrases like "When I am President".

She is talking more and more about just getting through this and finishing.

She is no longer seeing herself as the winner.

Now personally I am thrilled that she is slowly but surely losing. But a premature Hillary grave dance on my part is not why I bring this up.

Her changed attitude is instructive for anyone who has to strive and achieve something difficult.

Sales just like politics is a game where one guy wins and multiple others lose.

And the only way you can win a sustained number of sales battles over a long period of time is to continue to hold in your minds eye that vision of you winning the war.

You gotta see yourself coming out on top at the end of the year. You gotta see yourself winning most of your deals, and you gotta see yourself finding lots of good deals to work.

When you do this, your subconscious will work with you to get you lots of deals and to craft the strategies necessary to win most of them.

The alternative is to let happen to you what is happening to Senator Clinton.

She is letting her recent losses get to her. She is letting it bring her down. And that is putting her on the downward spiral.

She may yet change this, and she could change this, but I expect that she won’t.

But you don’t have to be like Hillary this year.

Focus on and visualize what you want in your mind’s eye, regardless of what happened a moment, an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year ago.

Hold what you want in your mind and feel the results consistently and you will get it.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown