Some people get into sales because they "like people".

They are people persons at heart.

How nice.

Turns out though that this can be a limitation to sales success.

People who are real people persons often find that they bend and conform themselves too far in order to satisfy their need for approval.

This need for approval can go so far as to cause fear of making the prospect mad.

And when you are afraid of making your prospect mad, or of not getting his approval, bad things happen to you in sales.

You get afraid to ask tough questions.

You fear getting "too personal" in what you discuss, what you probe for, and what you ask about.

You stop yourself from going over your contact’s head, when sometimes that is exactly what must be done.

All because you want to be liked.

How sad.

Time to toughen up.

To be successful in sales, you gotta have a thick skin.

Sales is business. It’s not a social party, and its not therapy either.

Liking people, and being liked by people is great.

But it’s OK to make your prospect uncomfortable and to sometimes even anger him if necessary.
As long as what you do is strategic in nature, done with intent and purpose towards accomplishing your goal of winning the sale and clobbering your competition, then it’s OK.

I know the touchy-feely, new-agey fruit-loop types are having a heart-attack at these thoughts right now.

But sales success is about being effective.

So get on over here now and make yourself more effective. Toughen up your questioning abilities with my Persuasive Questioning Techniques and Pressure Free Selling Sales Training Courses in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Sell with Pride

Shameless Shamus Brown