I can’t tell you how many times I heard this.

And every time I hear this, it still annoys me…

Your past performance is the best predictor or your future performance.


I hate hearing that.

I hate hearing that because it puts you and me in a box.

A box we can’t get out of.

I mean hey, might as well shoot myself now cause I suck, right?

Well I am here to tell that your past does NOT equal your future.

It does NOT equal your future unless you let it.

Now if you are doing well, then by all means your past SHOULD equal your future.

You see the simple truth is that we each make our own future moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.

Every time you limit yourself by saying you can’t make this deal cause the competition is too strong, or you can’t make prospecting calls cause it just isn’t "you", or you can’t sell the big deals cause you just don’t have the experience you are choosing your future.

Your past does not equal your future, unless you decide it does.

And the only time you should decide it does, is when you past has gone well for you.

Heck, I’ve been fire more times than I care to count.

I’ve also had some very, very good years in business and sales.

My past nags at me occasionally. But every time I feel that coming on, I shake it off and picture what I really want.

I picture what I want to make happen for myself, what I feel that I deserve.

And when I do that, stuff really starts happening for me.

Make things happen for yourself.

Picture what you want. Picture it again, over and over. Get excited about it. Keep focusing on it and let you mind run with all the things you can, and need to do, and will do to make it happen.

This year’s almost halfway done. But there’s still plenty of time to breath  a huge blast of energy into 2007.

Your future is a choice. It’s always a choice you make, whether or not you are consciously aware of making that choice.

So be aware and choose with focus and intent.

And if you haven’t gotten all the skills down you need to make 2007 an exceptional sales year for yourself, then get over and get yourself a copy of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program right now. Thousands of sales people worldwide have done this. Shouldn’t you?

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus