When I was kid, I got a bloody nose more than once.

I know for sure that I got more than my “fair share” of bloody noses.

In fact I got my nose bloody – and broken – 5 times before I turned 18.

Surprisingly, I only one of those happened in a fist fight.

The first time was from running into a basketball pole on the playground.

The second was from getting hit in the face with a softball.

The third time was a fist fight.

The fourth time was a car accident.

And the fifth time was reconstructive surgery to fix the damage from the previous 4 smash-ins.

To my surprise, most men I talk to never even got in fight as a kid, let alone had their noses broken like I did.

As an adult, I am more “mature” now though. I haven’t been in a fight, or a car accident for that matter, since I was a teenager.

Though I don’t now want to relive those experiences, I am glad I had them AND lived through them.

Such experiences taught me about myself.

Taught me about limits. Taught me that while I while risk-taking can be dangerous, I am also capable of surviving probably way more than I realize.

I think to be good in sales, to be good in business, to be good as an entrepreneur, you gotta be somewhat of risk taker.

A smart risk taker that is.

The decision to take a risk is where you find your limits and expand your capabilities.

Sometimes you gotta be willing to get a bloody nose to move forward.

You gotta take a chance.

If you are doing the same things that all the other sales people you know are doing, then you are going to get the same results.

Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

But sometimes it does take someone like me to tell that if you copy average, mediocre sales people, you will get average mediocre sales results.

So what about you?

Where are you going to push your limits?

Where are you going to risk getting a bloody nose so that you can find out and expand what you are capable of?

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. I don’t sell the way everyone else does, and neither should you. Go get yourself a copy of my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program and stop selling like the mediocre majority does now.