Have you ever had a foot come tappin over into your turlet stall while doing your business in public bathroom?

No? Me neither.

If I did though, I’d get lift my foot up real fast and jam my heel down hard into those toes strayin crossed the boundary line into my sacred turf.

Cross that line with me and your asking for trouble

Seems for a small and twisted segment of the population though, toe-tappin in turlet stalls is an unique form of non-verbal communication.

Non-verbal for "can I come play in your turlet stall".


We can once again thank one of our esteemed elected officials for bringing this sickening stuff into our daily lives.

In case you’ve been under a rock I am talking about the soon-to-be-resigning Senator Craig from Idaho, and what just came to light this week about his airport bathroom adventures.

The lesson in this incident for persuaders is the reminder of how subtle and powerful non-verbal communication is.

It has been estimated that ¾ of all communication occurs without words.

You probably already know this to be true.

Are you taking full advantage of it though?

You don’t have to be toe-tappin airport bathroom trouser trout trawler to use non-verbal communication to your advantage (in fact a I recommend you don’t).

You can get my one of my rapport skills courses instead and you’ll get real good at getting people to like and trust you in an upstanding, honest, decent way that won’t require you to resign your job in disgrace later on.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown