The people who are the best make it look so easy.

And that is often because for them it IS so easy.

I got an email from a reader over the weekend. He was commenting about my sales persistence advice last week on focusing on only working with the prospects that are the best for you, and actively turning away those that aren’t…

I can attest to this email. With this attitude people will want to do business with you even more. I am a commodities broker and I tell people regularly that they are not suitable to do business with me. Just this past week I told two individuals that they were brainwashed expecting certain returns in this market and until they get smart, I’m not your guy. I hung up on them as politely as possible. They both called me back and opened accounts. I love this business, sometimes it is so easy it feels illegal.

This guy clearly gets it.

Knowing good selling techniques is not enough.

You also got to have the right attitude.

Selling is easy for the people who believe it is. And they believe this because they understand the psychology of how prospects buy and what motivates them.

What is the attitude that will cause people to want you to do business with you even more?

It’s the attitude of self-respect.

It’s respecting yourself enough to know, to truly believe deep down in your bones, that what you do and what you sell has value.

And because it has value, you aren’t going to give away your time, energy, and knowledge to those who won’t appreciate and value it back.

Sure you’ve gotta do some *marketing* to get people to come to you. That’s where you give away stuff.

But once the prospect has shown interest, it’s time to put them through the ringer and get them to sell you on why you should work with them.

Yeah, I know I make it sound simple, and that’s because the mechanics of this, the techniques of this are simple.

But making the shift to where this is *easy*… well that’s a bit harder if you are not already there.

That’s harder because most people have been conditioned into thinking that getting bux from people is hard, and that a salesman has to give everything away and then politely wait and hope that some people will buy from him.

Once you start working with an eye towards this new attitude, and it starts getting easier.

Get some success with it and you start to believe it.

Over time your brain converts, and eventually it does become "so easy it feels illegal".

Start retraining your brain today. In the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, I show you how attitudes like this translate into specific changes in how you sell, what you focus on, what you think, and what you say. Get your copy now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus