I’m sure you’ve heard this…

Money is the Root of all Evil

Do you believe this?

Last night this came up over dinner with my daughter.

She said that life sure would be easier if there weren’t money.

Boy that perked me up outta my seat!

When such cultural viruses invade my space, I stand right up and go after em!

So I began to explain to her…

I told her that there is nothing bad about money.

Money is neutral.

Money is simply a means of exchanging value between people.

That’s it.

Before money, we had barter.

And barter was more difficult.

More difficult because it lacks divisibility.

You see the beauty of money is that we can divide up into as small
a quantity as we need.

Which allows us to set and adjust prices easily.

Which led my daughter to another comment…

She said that some things are priced too high.

And told her no, that’s not really true.

The right price is whatever people will pay.

The only time the price is too high, is if no one will pay it.

Then the seller can lower his price – assuming he actually does
want to sell ☺

My daughter now says she thinks money is a good thing.

Cultural virus successfully squashed.

Sell with Pride!

-Shameless Shamus

P.S. A healthy attitude about money is essential if you want to have more of it.