Most sales people give up way too easily.

A friend of mine just shared that he got a check for $350,000.00 in the mail yesterday.


His attitude about No’s is very revealing.

How many times do you think my friend got turned down by his prospect before getting the Yes?

5 times?

10 times?

15 times?

My friend estimates that he got turned down 35-40+ times before getting the Yes that yielded him the big check.

When you persist like that you don’t bother keeping track

And the fact that he didn’t bother keeping track is instructive.

It shows that he doesn’t care about the No’s!

I mean really now, if a No bothers you, then you are taking your selling way too personally.

You see when you are selling, the sale is not about you.

Whether you "succeed" or "fail", whether you get a Yes or a No, it’s not about you.

It’s about the prospect and his problems, his needs, his wants.

Sometimes a No just means not now.

Other times a No means "I don’t understand what you are pitching me, and I don’t want to bother to figure it out."

Most sales people give up on a prospect after about 3-5 contacts.

This happens because most people’s brains are tuned into believing that if they see, hear or experience the same thing 3 or more times, then this is the way it will always be.

So they assume that any future effort is a waste, AND that they will annoy the prospect which will lead to the salesman feeling like he is not liked.

And that right there stops the average salesman.

Pitiful really.

If you give up too easily, if you don’t persist as long as you necessary to get the sales you want, then you need to just get over yourself.

You see, it’s not all about you – its all about your prospect. And if you have something that you truly know can help make his life or business better, then you are doing him a huge favor by persisting as long as it takes to make him your customer.

Oh, and one thing I am sure you’ve seen by now is that some prospects are very different from you. Those are the hardest to persist with, to relate to and see eye-to-eye with. That’s why I put the Rapport Skills course in my Persuasive Selling Skill Audio Program. You can greatly extend the number of chances you get to influence your prospect when you know exactly how to get inside his head.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus