Some of my friends couldn’t believe how much I spent on a beach front hotel room last week.

I just got back from a week’s vacation: 4 days in San Diego and 4 days at Disneyland.

I stayed at some fancy schmancy hotels with my wife and daughter.

Shocking to some of my friends given the “state of the economy”. Yet boring and bourgeois to some of my other snobbier friends who sneer at any travel that’s not “international” or “culturally enriching”.

Somehow, it seems most people will find a way to complain about something.

Don’t matter much to me though. I am a pretty simple guy. I have a great time quaffing down a beer or sipping a cocktail at a beach bar in San Diego. And for family fun, Disneyland has always ranked high with Shameless clan.

Everywhere we went people were having fun. And the nice hotel rooms made the experience even better.

Oh, I guess I forgot that there’s an economic collapse happening. Heck, you wouldn’t have known it from the thousands of people I saw having a great time in Southern California last week.

In fact except for maybe the toothless homeless guy on the beach, seems everybody was smiling. Come to think of it, even the toothless homeless guy on the beach *was* smiling.

Yes, last week I was “spreading the wealth around”, all around Southern California that is.

And that’s how spreading the wealth around works best. By people like you and me, making the wealth, and spreading it around to businesses and people who give us something in return.

Karl Marx was wrong. And so is Obama. People aren’t happier or better off when the gummint comes in, takes your bux, and gives it to the knaves who haven’t figured out how to make it yet.

I believe in spreading the wealth around, just so long as I am the one in charge of doin the spreadin!

Bottom line is if you too want to spread your wealth around on cocktails at the beach and fancy schmancy hotels like I do, then you gotta first create the wealth so that you got the bux to spread around.

And there aint no better way to do that than to be a fast closing, hot-shot, super-sales dude (or dudette as the case may be).

People are still buyin stuff my friend – they will be for months and years to come. And if they don’t, then everybody might as well just shrivel up and blow away cuz commerce is essential to life – always has been, always will be.

So get off your duff and start selling again like it’s 2005. People will buy if you can help them find a reason to.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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