As he ran out after her, she pepper sprayed him in the face.

He told her that he would pay her for her gas money, but she wanted to get paid.

The saleswoman had made a commitment.

And as far as she was concerned, the customer had made a commitment too.

In this case, the saleswoman was a hooker.

The customer told the saleswoman that she could leave after she threw a rubber down on the mattress, and he told her he didn’t use ’em.

But she was smart – she had already got her 270 buckaroos before she started any delivery of services.

So she walked outta the house, and he came running after her demanding his bucks back.

And that’s when she hit him with the pepper spray.

I mean she probably drove at least 30 miles for this appointment cause this guy lived outside the big city, up in the woods. She expected to get paid for her time. She had an agreement with the customer, a valid verbal contract, so if the customer changes his mind, too bad. He’s expected to live up to his end of the deal.

So she hopped in her car and sped away, and the customer reported the saleswoman to the police for stealing from him and beating him.

Crazy but true.

Yes. this is a true story – straight outta my local newspaper this morning in the gold rush town of Nevada City that I live in here in Northern California.

Local papers can be so much more fun than big city papers.

I mean you NY Times readers never get stuff like this with your morning coffee.

The story is funny, sad, and instructive.

If you’re too uptight, you might miss the instructive lesson here (and I am sure I’ll get some nasty comments from an uptight reader or two).

The lesson is to get paid first, to get a commitment first.

I see so many sales people giving away advice, giving away service, giving away time and energy without getting some kinda buckaroos or commitment in return.

The saleswoman calling on the john works in a rough profession. She knows that she’s gotta get the bucks first BEFORE delivering the services. Because if she doesn’t, she may might just go home beat-up and empty handed.

Sales is sales folks.

Whether you’re peddling the flesh with a pepper spray can in your right hand, or you’re selling jet airplanes to the big corporate giants of the world you gotta nail down your commitments.

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