Successful sales reps are unusual people.

We deal with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, yet we have a high need to "be in control" of things.

In particular, we need to feel like we are in control of things we can’t really be control of, like our sales prospects.

The fact that our prospects are people essentially means that we can’t really control them.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel like we are in control

You see, how your brain perceives things is vitally important to your success.

And if you believe you are in control, then you will act from a position of power, regardless of whether or not you really are in control.

And that is important.

So what can you do to always keep yourself feeling as if you are in control in sales?

Focus on controlling the sales process, not on controlling the prospect.

You can control what you will and will not do as a sales rep.

You can control who you give your time to.

And you can control what happens next in the sales process.

If you let the prospect dictate when you are going to give a demo, when you are going to deliver a proposal, what price you have to meet to get the deal, and in what order any of these things happen, then you are not in control, and you certainly will feel out of control.

If instead you set the rules up front that you are going to do things in a certain way, and in a certain order, and that of course you’ll ask your prospect questions and get to know them well and take their input, not only will you be in control, but your prospect will happily let you be in control.

You’ll also feel in control.

Which will reinforce a sense of power within you, and that will serve to build your confidence higher and higher about your competence and capabilities in sales.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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