There really is only one right way to build your sales territory.

First of all you got to realize that you are an interruption when prospectng, and you have to be comfortable with this fact if you are going to be successful in sales.

You can’t let this fact bother you. And you can’t be too polite about it either.

Because you know what they call polite salesmen?


Anyway, I got an email recently from a new commercial printing salesman. He said he has getting really frustrated building his territory with prospects blocking access to decision-makers and telling them that they’ll never leave their current suppliers. Here’s what he wrote me…

I’m new commercial printing sales representative trying to build a clientele base. It’s not going as well as I had hoped it would – large accounts, insurance companies, manufacturers and others only allow me to apply to a blind format on their web site and then *maybe* they’ll contact me. Yeah right! And others proclaim their allegiance to the printer they’ve worked with for the last century. Please share your thoughts.

-Greg Steeno

Here’s the formula you gotta follow to build any sales territory, client base, or business market:

1 – Identify Your Strengths,
2 – Create a Profile of Prospects Who Will Want Your Strengths,
3 – Advertise to Attract These Prospects,
4 – Sell a Desired Product to an Interested Prospect.

It’s very simple, but too many people don’t follow this. You see as a professional salesman, you often have to be a marketer and a business man too. Either you don’t have other sales-savvy people helping you. Or worse, the help you get is wrong and full of dumb advice.

Start with identifying your strengths. Know what you do well, and know what your competitors do well. Get specific, get nuanced, and get into fuzzy things like the persona, style and attitude of the company and products you are selling (because these things attract people).

Create a profile, written down – yes written down – of the people who will want what you got. This is hugely important, and one of the easiest and most overlooked methods for getting more deals.

Far too many sales careers have run out of gas for believing that "everyone is my prospect." Focus on people who are likely to want what you got and you instantly will see a mega increase in your closing ratio.

Advertise to attract your desired prospects. Sales people think that they can’t advertise – that this is something that "the company" is supposed to do.

Well cold calling is advertising. Emailing is advertising. Mailing letters and postcards is advertising. Until you have a relationship established with a prospect, your initial contact attempts are "advertising".

"Advertise" a message about your strengths to a prospect that is likely to want what you got, and you’ll get some interested people contacting you.

Then all you gotta do is sell them. And selling a prospect interested in you, predisposed to think that you can do what they want is they way to build your territory.

Build your sales territory on a strong foundation. Do it the right way, and you’ll have long term success in selling.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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