Many people today are whining.

Whining and wishing.

Whining about how much worse their business is this year.

Wishing for the “good ole days” of just a couple of years ago, when business was booming, and sales were easy.

Some people are celebrating though.

Celebrating their success.

Their success, now, in business, in sales, in today’s economy.

These are people who take charge of their sales and their success.

One such guy is Adam Ford, a Sales Rep with Roll-A-Cover International.

Adam sent me an email the other day to tell me how well he is doing in today’s economy…

Shamus, because of you I get really excited for cold and rainy days. Let me explain. I design retractable enclosures that restaurant and hotel owners put over patios and or outdoor pools.

I used to cold call on nice days and did okay but after listening to your CDs I decided to cold call when the weather is bad. The reason being these owners feel the pain of not being able to use their tables due to weather, whereas if they had my product they could be making money rather than looking at wet empty seats.

You are spot on that we as pros eliminate peoples’ pain and help them make money. Before your CDs I was ‘product puking’ away. Now I talk to people who feel the pain and want to make a change. Anyways I just wanted to say thanks.

-Adam Ford

Congratulations Adam on taking charge of your sales and your success. In any “economy” there will always be some people whining about how hard times are while others are making money hand over fist.

The difference aint Obama, Bush, Bernanke or Greenspan.

The difference aint the economy.

The difference is what you think and how you think.

Adam came up with a unique insight after listening to my Persuasive Selling Skills CDs. He decided to go find the people feeling the pain that would cause them WANT to buy his stuff.

And in doing so, he instantly increased his success rate by a huge amount.

Prospects satisfied with the status quo, don’t buy your stuff.

Prospects with pain do buy stuff. Stuff from you if you find them when they’re in pain. Stuff from your competition if you don’t find em in time.

If you are still product puking as Adam calls it in today’s economy, then it’s only a matter of time before you are out of a job or out of business.

Stop product puking now. Discover how to quickly find and create prospects who WANT to buy your stuff, from YOU with the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown