You may have noticed that prices are falling for many things.

The price of houses certainly has fallen to point out one giant obvious thing.

Yet simultaneously people are worried about future inflation.

Inflation of prices, prices going up in the future due to all of the money being created out of thin air by our gummint’s massive borrowing binge.

So how much does price matter?

Are you having to drop prices because your customers are less willing to pay the prices you’ve been charging?

Or are you raising prices just to keep up with the increased costs of your own business expenses of the past few years?

You’ve probably heard the saying that the correct price is “whatever the market will bear”.

This is all well and good if we are talking about stocks or commodities. Items that are bought and sold without the benefit of a direct sales person like yourself getting involved.

In such cases, the “market” (the herd) set’s the price based on the sum of their individual perceptions of the value of the item in question.

When you are selling direct however, you are not dealing in herd mentality, you are involved in a one-to-one relationship with your prospect.

And your job is to frame and shape your prospect’s perceptions of the value of your product.

Price will *matter* then only to the extent that you do NOT actively frame and shape your prospect’s perceptions of the value they will receive from your product and from doing business with you.

Let your prospect make up his own mind, and price will probably wind up mattering a lot.

You see we are all socially conditioned to see similarly named or categorized products as offering similar value to us. It’s a mental shortcut that we have developed to help make evaluating lots of options easier for ourselves.

Your job is to breakdown that shortcut by showing your prospect’s differences between you and your competitors that will matter to your prospect.

Because what people are not cognizant of when they buy something, is the unspoken rule that they expect to get more value than they are paying for (or at the very least equal value to what they are paying out). Everyone expects to get equal or greater value than they pay out, or else they hold on to their bux.

That’s buying, baby!

To show your prospect’s the differences that matter then, you got to get off of the feature selling that shows how you have all the same capabilities and other stuff that all your competition does.

Instead you gotta ask the questions that will tell you what frustrations and aspirations matter to your prospect. THEN, spend nearly all of your time showing in depth how what you sell will help alleviate their pain, and help them realize their real wants.

When you sell this way, price stops mattering so much. The more your prospect believes that he will eliminate his pain and get his wants the fastest and the easiest with you, the more he will be willing to pay for it.

Differentiate yourself and create value for your prospect by showing them exactly how they will best get their personal wants met by doing business with you.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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