Whoo boy, by the time you read this, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer just may be known as former Governor Spitzer, or else the soon-to-be-impeached Governor Spitzer.

In case you been hidin under a rock the last two days, you must know by now that Mr. High-and-Might himself, the Sherriff-o-Wall-Street, is tumbling down from the mountain top by his own hubris and hypocrisy.

Seems he just couldn’t resist sampling the candy.

Turns out Sherriff Spitzer is client number 9 of a high priced international call girl ring known as the Emperor’s Club VIP.

Prices are rumored to be as high as 5500 bux an hour.


Do ya think he got a discount?

I sure hope so.

But some how I doubt it.

You see, some people just aren’t that price sensitive.

In fact many premium customers use price as a proxy for quality.

Tis true.

Many of us have a built in belief that the higher the price is, the more quality there is in the service.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Eliot thought this way.

In fact years ago when I worked for IBM I saw a study that showed that price was waaaayyyy down the list of concerns of purchasers of major business capital acquisitions.

Now you could say that Eliot’s spokesmodel "Kristen" wasn’t a capital acquisition.

But then again you could argue that she was, given the capital size of Eliot’s ego and hubris.

You see when people WANT something, and they believe they have found the solution to their DESIRES, then they will pay almost anything in their means to get it.

And that often means that they will stretch their "means" to get it.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown