Somebody asked me the other day about how to handle unspoken, repetitive objections that come up.

What we all find in selling is that certain issues come up over and over again that are specific to what we sell and who we sell to.

Here’s an example:

  • A guy sells a high-end product to in home buyers. He makes appointments, and makes face-to-face sales calls.
  • He finds out after going on a lot of sales calls that many of the prospects give him the excuse that they can’t make a decision until after the husband or wife get’s home and they get a chance to talk about it.
  • He leaves with only a promise that he’ll be given “fair consideration”.

Q: What should he do?

A: Deal with it up front.

Anytime an issue comes up over and over, you gotta figure out a plan to handle it from the start.

Every sale is a negotiation.

And you should view every little step in the sale as a negotiation.

So when your prospect’s want something from you, oh like a presentation, or a demo, or a price quote, or a customer reference, or more detailed product specs, or whatever, you need to negotiate.

Now this doesn’t mean some drawn out “negotiating session”.

No. I mean get the issues handled that are problems for you by negotiating them out of the way.

The high-end in home sales guy would tell his prospects that he needs to have both the husband and wife there before he comes out and gives a presentation.

Or if that poses problems (which some prospect’s might balk at such a tactic), then he could 2-step his sale and negotiate to deliver a quote/proposal after the first meeting only with both the husband and wife present.
If the prospect balked at that, then I’ve got a silver bullet to get them to agree: remind them of why they brought you out there.

When you find and magnify your prospect’s pain, you’ve got a tool that provides tremendous leverage in the sell cycle. Discussing your prospect’s problems with them, and empathizing with it at a personal level gets them to want to do business more with you.

Reminding them of their pain, their problems, once articulated, get’s them refocused on the entire reason why you are there – to solve their problem.

That is the leverage you need to get over difficult roadblocks and objections that people throw out at you.

Keep em focused on the pain, and you can close 90% of your deals.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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