Selling isn’t for the weak.

A lot of my readers "get it" when it comes to this point.

Yesterday I wrote about how I don’t like manipulative closing tricks, like the tired alternative choice double bind close.

The problem with closing tricks like those is that you will either get called on them or you will create negative feelings of resentment or distrust in your prospect.

But I never said that manipulation is bad, wrong, or that I don’t like it.

Reader Rod Ellis wrote in about yesterday’s email…

Getting people EMOTIONAL is not a trick or manipulative?

They are all techniques.

If my client’s business can benefit from what I sell, then I am  going to help them make the decision to go with us.

All of the NEW gurus who can show you how to sell without using TECHNIQUES are hurting new sales people who don’t think they have to sell.

Rod is right. Getting people emotional is manipulative. Especially if you do it intentionally.

And Rod clearly "gets it".

As a salesman, you most definitely should be doing everything you can to get your prospects to do business with you.

And that includes manipulating your prospect’s emotions.

Get them stirred up. Find their pain. Get them to feel it. Make them uncomfortable, anxious, worried, and scared even about what might happen if they don’t do something about their pain. Scared about what might happen if they don’t decide to business with you now.

I know most sales trainers, most sales managers and most sales people don’t talk this way.
But it’s the truth, and it has been since the beginning of time.

You see all sales people manipulate their prospect’s emotions at some time or another.

If you don’t believe so, then you just weren’t aware of it when you did it.

The only real question that matters here is "Can you manipulate your prospect’s emotions on command?"

In the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, I teach step by step how to do this. It’s very simple, logical, and natural once you understand the psychology behind it.

And for those of you shocked and appalled at such talk, get over yourselves.

Good and evil are found in your intention, not in the techniques you use.

Just as a gun can be used to murder an innocent person, or to defend oneself from a murder attempt, manipulation can be used for both good or bad ends with your prospects.

Swear off emotional manipulation, and you might as well get out of sales now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus