One of the simplest pieces of advice I can give you is to ask questions when you sell.

Sounds like simple advice.

And in a way it is.

Asking questions takes a ton of pressure off of you the seller.

It takes pressure off of you and it helps to put the responsibility for solving the prospect’s problem where it belongs – on the prospect.

But just "ask questions" doesn’t tell you enough.

If you just "ask questions" you are likely going to ask questions in a very roundabout kinda way.

I’m not going to insult you by saying that you’ll ask questions randomly. No, you won’t be random like a computer – you are smarter than that.

But if you don’t have a plan or strategy for how you go about questioning, then you will be roundabout in how you probe and try and find a hook that you can hang your sales message onto.

The next thing you are likely to hear or read if you keep on surfing and reading free info websites is to ask open-ended questions.

I know, because years ago, cause that advice has been around for years. I learned it myself 20 some years ago.

I never really paid much attention to it though.

It didn’t seem that helpful to me.

I mean the idea of open ended questions to get people to talk is a good one.

But I discovered it wasn’t enough. It would often take me a long time of asking open-ended questions to find something that I could sell to.

Other times the prospect would get bored, or shut me down before I could find out something important about him.

Years later I realized that this was because I was questioning without a plan.

When you question with a plan, your objective is to find pain.

Find a pain that you can sell to.

And if you can’t find the pain, you can cross that prospect off of your list, move on without remorse, and free up your time to productively sell to people who will want to buy from you.

Questioning with a plan can be found in the Persuasive Questioning Techniques Sales Training Course of my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

When you put this into practice in your selling you will find your sales moving faster, you’ll have more qualified deals, and you’ll close most of your sales because you’ll no longer be wasting time with people who will never buy from you.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown