How do you get more done faster?

Or asked another way, how do you get more done in less time?

Simple answer: Get busier.

People who do more, get more done.

“Uhh, yeah no shit, Shamus.”

Seriously though…

There’s a saying that goes “If you want to something to get done, give it to a busy person.”

In the past 10 years I’ve learned how to do more “new things” than I did probably in the previous 20 years of my life.

And one of the things I discovered is how much fear and uncertainty slows us down, stops, and even paralyzes people at times.

Yep, been there.

But if you want to get a lot done…

If you want to get more done faster…

You got to just get into action, and get so busy that you don’t have time to worry or let fear stop you.

That’s key – worry will kill you.

Learn to run your days so that you minimize the emotions of fear and worry in your day.

How to Set Yourself Up to Win Daily

Some people say do the hard things first in the day.

Other’s say do the easy things first so you can get them out of the way.

I’ll tell you what works for me.

Plan your day so that you do the things that you are competent at getting results on in the first half or so of your day.

This way you use your most productive energy in a way that builds your confidence.

You see, reinforcing your own confidence daily, is key to building and staying successful.

Small “wins” build confidence, and lay the foundation for bigger wins. Your mind needs constant training and reinforcement that you *are* capable of achieving anything you can dream up.

Then in the second half or so of your day, do the new things. Do the harder things you are unsure of. Do the things that cause you to feel insecure, out of your comfort zone, incompetent, etc.

Learning those new things will cause you to feel lots of uncomfortable emotions.

But the new things are where your big breakthroughs will come from to move life forward in for you in bigger ways.

To sum it up then…

  1. Get Busier to Crowd Out Fear, Doubt and Worry
  2. Get Results & Build Confidence Early in Your Day
  3. Learn New Things in the Second Half of Your Day

Let me know how this works out for you.

Sell with Pride!

-Shameless Shamus Brown