Woody Allen once said…

90% of life is just showing up

That might be true for him.

But it aint true in sales.

Just showing up isn’t enough.

Sure. You gotta get in the game.

And you gotta ask.

Because if you never ask, then no one will ever say yes.

But in selling, we always have competition.

And usually lots of it.

In every deal, there are lots of losers who just “showed up”, and only one winner.

The secret to winning 90% of your deals is knowing the secret truth about every deal.

You see there’s the “information” about the deal that your prospects tell you and every other vendor…

Here’s what we are buying

Here’s what it needs to do

Here’s what we want you to show us

Blah, blah, blah…

But that aint the complete story.

They usually don’t tell you the inside story about why they are buying.

And that inside story, is the story you gotta know.

Because once you know the inside story on why they are buying, you can predict with a high % of certainty who they will buy from.

Which means you will know whether they will be buying from you or not, up front.

And once you know this, you don’t have to “show up” anymore to the deals that someone else is going to win.

There’s never a level playing field in sales.


It’s always tilted in someone’s favor.

A while back a put my Persuasive Selling Skills program together to help people like you find the secret truth to every deal fast.

In it I show you how to find that inside story, fast.

I know that you need this now.

Go now.

Go and get your copy of Persuasive Selling Skills.

Sell with Pride!

-Shameless Shamus