There’s a right time to sell

And there’s a wrong time to sell.

The right time to sell is when you have earned the right to sell.

Sounds simple enough.

But lots of people screw this up.

You don’t earn the right to sell just because the customer has asked you for information, for a pitch, or a demonstration.

You earn the right to sell when you uncover the driving reason behind the sale.

You need to know the reason WHY people want to buy what they want to buy.

Knowing this is your leverage in every sale.

Once you know the reason why someone is buying, you typically also will know…

  • How fast or slow will they make a decision
  • Will they really make a decision, or will this drag on, and on
  • Which key feature(s) of your product is most important to them

I like knowing this info early.

It lets me quickly make a decision on whether to sell to them, to wait, or to qualify them out and not sell at all.

Huge time saver.

Get this info early and you’ll make more sales this year.

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown