Every sale happens in an instant.

Yes, I know it may seem like it takes you hours, days, weeks, even months in some cases to make a sale.

But the sale itself, the buying decision that is, happens in an instant.

Do you know when that moment is?

It’s the moment when your prospect recognizes that you can solve his problem and that he has a problem serious enough to warrant solving right now.

Both conditions are necessary to make the sale.

All selling boils down to this.

Get someone to realize they have a problem

Get them to realize that it’s serious enough to solve right now.

Get them to recognize that you can best solve their problem.

That’s selling.

It’s not about pitching.

It’s not about telling people how great you are.

You can tell people how great you are till you get sick of hearing yourself talk.

But it won’t matter unless…

They know they have a problem.

They know they need to solve it.

They know you can best solve their problem.

Now go out and find some problems to solve.

Sell with Pride!

-Shameless Shamus Brown