Whether you realize this or not you are responsible for this.

Every salesman is.

It’s crucial to your success.

And if you don’t proactively manage this, it will derail you, and destroy you.

What is it?

Your attitude.

A reader wrote in to me recently asking me to discuss the importance of prospecting in a down economy.

Prospecting is one of those things we do as sales people that demands the most attention to your attitude.

When you prospect, it can often feel like you are staring into a black hole.

You know, where you can’t see anything, and your not sure if anyone, or anything is listening to you?

Even when times are good, prospecting is an unnatural exercise in creating confidence inside oneself.

You see your mind is constantly defining what every experience you have means.

When the economy is good, buyers are skeptical. Yeah, they got money to spend. But they don’t want to get tricked by just any sales bloke. So they make it hard for you. They don’t take your calls. Ignore your emails. And tell you they don’t need what you got when you do talk to them.

And when the economy is bad… Whoa. They got all kinds of excuses. No budgets are being cut. Sales are down. No spending on new projects. Blah, blah, blah…

Rejection will drive your confidence into the ground if you take it personally.

And when you have that experience even for just one afternoon, your brain has learned that prospecting is painful. It tells you that you aint no good at it. So it protects you by coming up with a million reasons why it won’t work and you shouldn’t do it.

Are minds do their best to protect us from pain.

But when it comes to prospecting, the more we protect ourselves from pain – short term pain – the more likely we are to fail in the medium to long term.

You see the hardest thing about prospecting is that you don’t know when the next success will hit. It’s kinda like gambling. Your losing streak could last awhile, or your next big win could be just one more play away.

Neutrality and ice in your veins are required for success in gambling and prospecting.

You simply have to detach yourself and act as if you were watching someone else do the prospecting work while you do it.

Prospecting is always important. But its even more so, when the economy is contracting and businesses are closing.

No, not everything is going out of business. That’s the good news.

Even better is that if you do the work, as long as it may take, you WILL find more prospects, and more business.

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown

P. S. The way to find prospects who will buy today is to look for people in pain. Looking for people who are asking for your stuff is a sure path to failure in today’s economy. Find out how to use my Persuasive Selling Skills to get more sales now.