Sales Prospects know when sales people lying.

Now I know that you probably aren’t dishonest.

You probably don’t lie when selling.

But people look for little inconsistencies in every stranger they meet.

And people are being sold to, they scrutinize every little thing.

Most of your prospects are actually not formally trained in how to tell if a sales person is lying.

But knowing whether or not someone is being honest, direct, and well intentioned with us is a human survival instinct in my opinion.

You know, cavemen needed to know whether that stranger from another tribe really wanted to be an honest ally in the woolly mammoth hunt, or if he was gonna get conked in the head when it was all over.

People have developed a “sense”, an unconscious sense, as to what someone’s intentions are.

How that works is a mystery to most people.

They call it intuition, or a feeling, or whatever.

Personally I believe it can be explained, and that it works like this.

The human brain stores and can remember millions of details from every experience you’ve ever had.

So every time you interact with another person, your mind is constantly comparing ALL of the details of your current experience to those details of your past experiences.

All the details means how a person might be sitting, standing, fidgeting, speaking fast or slow or with a crack in his voice, tilting his head, shaking it slightly side-to-side while saying yes,

The mind is looking for meaning.

Is this friend or an enemy?

Is this sales person one who can help me, or just someone looking for his next commission?

The mind compares all those little details, at lighting speed, and completely unconsciously serves up a reaction, an interpretation, a meaning as to whether a sales person is honest or not. As to whether a sales person has his best interests at heart.

Now I know you are probably an honest person. So let me tell you why this matters.

Not only must your words be honest and true, but your beliefs and your feelings must be consistent with what you are saying.

Because try to hide things, hold things back, or embellish the situation, your prospect is going to pick up on it.

They may not say anything, but they’ll have an uneasy sense that something is wrong.

They won’t trust or believe you.

And you’ll have a difficult or impossible time making the sale.

And you don’t want that now, do you?

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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