There was an article posted last week on one of the MSN blogs about how to make some extra money.

52 ways to make to be exact.

Now you might be thinking that you would like some extra buckaroos this year, right? Maybe yes?

So here are just a few of your choices (out of 52)…

  • Deliver Pizza (better have a running car).
  • Wait Tables (if the restaurant doesn’t go outta business).
  • Participate in a Focus Group (got lots of free time?)
  • Clean houses (do you like dishpan hands?)
  • Have a Garage Sale (strangers coming to your house – joy).

Excited yet?

These are some real scintillating ways to make extra dough. Not to mention the whopping amounts o’ extra dough you can expect to rake in off these activities


This is what the mainstream media is feeding people.

You are reading this right now because you are better than that.

There’s always a way to make some munney, and to make even more munney.

You just got to believe that you will.

If you want to make some extra bux this year, then you need to get creative.

If you are focused on finding more new customers, then you got to change the way you prospect.

It’s no longer enough to just look for people who are ready to buy your kind of product.

You got to go out and develop the business yourself. You got to find the people early who “might” want you product at some future date. The ones who are in the early stages. The ones with pain, but who haven’t gotten to the point where they are calling in salesmen yet.

Find those people and turn up the heat on them using emotion inducing questions, and you can create opportunities for yourself where there was none before.

These people bond with you, and be more likely to buy from you because you found em. You showed them their pain, and a way out it.

And many of them will want to do business with only you and do it quickly because you came in and helped from the start (instead of just pitching products).

This is THE way to make some extra bux this year.

Get good at this and you will make more buckaroos this year my friend.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Pick this up, listen, practice, and watch the extra bux come right into your bank account this year.