Our inspiring reality show in Washington DC is on the verge of passing something they keep calling a stimulus bill.

Is this gonna help your business?

Is it gonna help the economy?

Is it gonna help you?

Do you think this is gonna help?

I don’t know anyone that who actually believes that 800 billyun bux that these boobs in Washington are going to spend is going to help them.

Yeah, I got some friends who “hope” this is gonna work.

Hope, because well, it’s all just “too complicated to understand.”

Personally, I do understand what’s going on and it aint gonna work.

There’s a whole lotta giving bux to people, and yet very little going to build things that will get unemployed, under-employed, and soon to be unemployed people back to work.

I predict this to be only the 1st of multliple trillyuns that Obama will be going to the financial well for to “fix” things.

Yes, call me a Macro-Pessimist.

I think that things aint going well, and are only going to get worse before they can get better.

But while I am a Macro-Pessimist, I am a Micro-Optimist.

You see I can’t control what the boobs in Washington do. It’s like a reality TV show. Entertaining in a sick, scary, and surreal sort of way.

You and I can’t wait around for the stimulus to help us.

I aint. And I haven’t been.

I just had one of my best months in business ever.

Best because didn’t sit on my arse.

I didn’t listen to all the doom and gloom coming out of the boob tube and the internet.

I went out and sold a product to a market that had money and desire.

And shucks, it worked.

I call myself a Micro-Optimist because I believe in myself and my ability to create more and more wealth with every passing day, week and year. My success is not dependent upon the economy, the government, or any forces outside of my control.

I am Micro-Optimist because I have confidence and faith in my ability to act.

What about you?

How you look at things WILL affect your success or failure over the coming months.

You are only at the mercy of the “economy” if you continue to choose to be.

Things will get worse before they get better. Yes that’s my opinion, and yes that’s what I see in my crystal ball.

Fact: Some people got rich during the Great Depression when there was 25% unemployment.

Will you be one of the people who prosper this year?

Become a Micro-Optimist like me and you give yourself a fighting chance.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. This stuff works like crazy to get people to snap out of their doom and gloom and buy your stuff. Check it out now.